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2017 - Automated Glucose Control for a Cell Culture Process
Manual bioreactor sampling and feeding can be a costly endeavor, both in terms of labor costs and the increased risk for contamination each time the sterile boundary is penetrated. Using the BioFlo® 320 bioprocess control station coupled with BioCommand® SCADA software from Eppendorf, many portions of a cell culture process can be automated, however, the need for human intervention for sample acquisition and analysis remains. To address this issue, we aim to integrate the BioFlo 320 with the Seg-Flow® 4800 autosampler from Flownamics®, Inc. and the Cedex® Bio HT metabolite analyzer from Roche Diagnostics, GmbH. To read the entire article, click here.

2017 - News article on Enabling the Seg-Flow System to Support Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Initiatives
This news article from Cell Culture Dish titled “Automated Collection and Analysis of Bioreactor Samples to Enable Quality by Design Initiatives” talks about Merck’s experience on automating their bioreactors, a CHO cell culture process, with the Seg-Flow Automated Sampling and Feed Control System with Roche’s Cedex Bio HT and HiRes analyzers. To read the entire article, click here.

2016 - New Video from KNect365 BioProduction Congress Features Flownamics Seg-Flow Automated Sampling System
Flownamic’s Seg-Flow Automated Sampling System was highlighted in a video shot by KNect 365 at the recent Life Sciences BioProduction Congress which was held in Dublin, Ireland on October 19-20th, 2016. The video, which features David Price, Sales Manager at Broadley James LTD., outlines the features and benefits of the Seg-Flow system, along with other equipment manufactured and sold by Broadley James.

Broadley James LTD distributes and supports Flownamics Seg-Flow Automated Sampling Systems in the UK. Their staff is fully trained and qualified to provide customers in the UK with sales and service for all Seg-Flow products. Mr. Price recently attended Flownamics 3-day Seg-Flow Service training in Madison, WI.

2016 - The Cell Culture Dish News
In the article titled “Ask the Expert - Measuring IgG Titer: Need for Real-Time Results, Customization and High Comparability to HPLC,” Flownamics was mentioned in one of the question and answer sessions. The question in this article, “How does this monitoring impact sterility of the process?”, the Seg-Flow is used for an automated at-line sampling and analytics solution directly sampling to the Cedex Bio HT. For more information, click here.

2015 - BPI News Release!

2015 - Flownamics is Expanding!
Flownamics has purchased a new building in Madison, Wisconsin in order to expand their operations. The new facility will be used primarily to increase their production capabilities. The clean room manufacturing space will more than triple in size The standard production area will grow to 4 times its current capacity. Undeveloped land allows for future expansion of almost double the current occupancy. At this time, Flownamics will maintain their offices and product development lab at their current facility.

2015 - COMING SOON! New Interfaces
Waters Acquity UPLC, Cedex Bio HT

2015 - NEW PMR Controller Small Scale Perfusion Control
The PMR™ system utilizes the FISP® technology for aseptic media removal from any size bioreactor. FISP® probes combined with patent pending dual fluid sensor pump control offer the ideal in-situ perfusion system for small scale reactors. With this low cost perfusion option the cells never leave the bioreactor. For More Information Click Here

2015 - Automated Bioreactor Sampling – Process Trigger Sampling for Enhancing Microbial Strain Characterization
This application note describes the integration of a Flownamics Seg-Flow® 4800 Automated On-line Sampling System with Eppendorf DASGIP® Parallel Bioreactor Systems as implemented at the Energy Biosciences Institute in Berkeley, California. The automated process trigger sampling technology enabled the researchers to rapidly characterize process events, parameters and stress responses that impact yeast strain gene regulation and, ultimately, biofuel productivity. Read More...

2015 - 202 SegMod - Now with two ultra-sonic sensors for flow rate monitoring

2015 - New Interfaces Available
Agilent Infinity 1200 Sersies HPLC, Nova Flex (requires OPC), YSI 2950

2014 - NOW AVALABLE! SegFlow 8000i with Chemically inert fluid path
For More Information Click Here

2014 - SEE OUR NEW SegFlow 1200 and 1200+ Economical and Compact
For More Information Click Here

2014 - Sample Mod 200 Now Available
The Sample Module is an ancillary device which provides additional SegFlow capabilities such as sample delivery precision, sample dilution and reagent addition. The Sample Module easily connects to the SegFlow 1200, 4800 or 201D to increase the number of external device outputs to four analytical instruments and or fraction collectors. Now with more analytical precision in a more compact unit.

2013 - ViCELL XR cell analyzers are now available for our Seg-Flow interface offerings
The Seg-Flow automated sampling system now interfaces to the industry leading ViCELL XR cell analyzer enabling on-line, real-time cell analysis for bioprocessing applications.

Summer of 2013 - Flownamics announces their move to a larger facility in Madison, Wisconsin.
The new facility effectively doubles the company's capacity to deliver high quality, innovative sampling solutions to meet the needs of the global bioprocess industry.

2012 - Nova BioProfile Analyzers are now available for our Seg-Flow interface offerings
The Seg-Flow automated sampling system now interfaces to the industry leading NovaBioProfile Analyzers enabling on-line, real-time nutrient and metabolite monitoring with feed control for bioprocessing applications.

2011 - BioProcess International™ magazine announced the two winners of their 2011 Best Poster Award
On November 3, 2011 at BioProcess International Conference and Exhibition at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA. The winning poster in the Supplier category was "Improving Cell Culture Productivity with a SEG-FLOW™ Automated Online Sampling & Feed System" by William Miller, Michael Biksacky, Ashley Fisher, Chengbin Lin and John Knighton. The poster was presented by Flownamics. more
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Johnson & Johnson Report
Application of Seg-Flow™ System for Cell Culture Process Development
by Chengbin Lin and John Knighton.