Introducing the Flownamics Director™ Liquid Handler. This system eliminates the need for a technician to prepare and load samples onto an analytical device. It is a compact system that delivers samples to multiple analytical devices. The Director captures all of the data from these devices and sends it automatically to a bioprocess controller and/or an enterprise historian.

The Peltier+ can be installed onto the Director to keep samples chilled, ensuring sample integrity while awaiting processing.

To prevent manual dilution errors, the Director performs an auto dilution prior to sending samples to your cell analyzer, biochemistry analyzer, or other analytical device.

The Director can aliquot samples from a large tube or vial to microtiter plates or smaller vials. This reduces labor costs and frees up a scientist’s time for more meaningful tasks. Reagent addition will be available in 2023.

The Raman Modeling Module for the Director, which enables your preferred Raman platform to interface seamlessly with cell free or cell containing samples, will be available soon.

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