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4800 Tubing Replacement Schedule

Accessory Feed Pump

FISP® Sterile In-Situ Fermentation / Bioreactor Sampling Probe

FISP® Ceramic Membrane Data Sheet

FlowFraction™ Fraction Collector

FlowWeb™ OPC Controller

Seg-Flow® Automated Online Sampling Solutions

Seg-Flow® 4800 Automated Sampling and Feed Control System

Seg-Flow® 4800 Sample Dilution Module Performance Data

Seg-Flow® Optimizing Cell Culture

Seg-Flow® S3: The Next Generation in Automated On-Line Sampling

Seg-Mod 202 Precise Cell Free Samples

Seg-Flow® Analytical Integrations

Beckman-Coulter Vi-CELL XR Cell Viability Analyzer

Kaiser RamanRxn2™ Multi-Channel Analyzer

Nova Biomedical BioProfile FLEX Analyzer

Nova Biomedical BioProfile FLEX 2 Analyzer

Roche Cedex Bio HT Analyzer

Roche Cedex HiRes Cell Analyzer

YSI 2900/2950 Biochemistry Analyzers

Industry Articles

Automated Collection and Analysis of Bioreactor Samples to Enable Quality by Design Initiatives (article in Cell Culture Dish 2017)

Rapid Bioprocess Culture Characterization: System Designed to Enable Real-Time Monitoring of Microbial Cultures (article @ Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News 2015)

Tricks of the Trade for Cell Culture Optimization (article @ Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News 2018)

Vi-CELL™ XR/Seg-Flow® Integrated System for Automated Cell Culture Monitoring (article @ News-Medical.Net 2014)


A Novel Approach to Real Time Monitoring of Antibody Titer in a Fed-Batch Bioreactor Run (poster @ BioProcessing Summit 2017)

Automated Glucose Control for a Cell Culture Process (poster by Eppendorf 2017)

Automated Nutrient Monitoring and Feed Control Platform (poster @ IFPAC 2014)

Automated On-Line Sampling and Nutrient Monitoring for Characterizing Glucose Consumption of Microbial Fermentation Cultures (poster @ RAFT 2013)

Enhancing Automated Sampling, Process Monitoring, and Nutrient Feedback Control for a System of 3-L Bioreactors (poster @ ESACT 2017)

Implementing a Novel OPC Connectivity Solution for Improving Bioprocessing Monitoring and Control (poster @ BPI Conference and Exhibition 2013)

Improving Cell Culture Productivity (poster @ RAFT and BPI International 2011)


An Automated Sampling System for Online Monitoring as a Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Tool (application note by Agilent 2021)

An Automated Bioreactor Sampling Solution for Assuring On-line PAT Analytical Fidelity (presentation @ IFPAC 2014)

Automated Bioreactor Sampling – Process Trigger Sampling for Enhancing Microbial Strain Characterization (application note by Eppendorf 2015)

Automated Online Solution for Vi-CELL XR Cell Viability Analyzers: Particle Characterization (application note by Beckman Coulter 2014)

Automated Sampling Enables Rapid NIRS Calibration Model Construction (presentation by U.S. Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO), 2017)

Feasibility Demonstration of Automated Sampling and Glucose Control Using the BioFlo® 320, BioCommand®, SegFlow® 4800, and Cedex® Bio HT (application note by Eppendorf 2017)

Implementation of Online Amino Acid Analysis for Medium and Feed Optimization in Mammalian Cell Culture – Featuring FISP® and Dionex (presentation @ IFPAC 2008)


Automated Bioreactor Sampling and Glucose Control (webinar by Eppendorf 2017)