Seg-Flow® PS Sampling System


Sampling System

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The Seg-Flow PS is the smallest and most powerful sampling system from Flownamics.

The Seg-Flow PS Sampling System is a small compact device that sits near the bioreactor. The modular design allows flexibility and scalability. Each PS operates independently, allowing simultaneous sampling of up to 24 bioreactors or sample streams. The small footprint allows you to maximize the value of your benchspace.

The modular design of the PS also makes the system scalable. Add more modules as your sampling demands grow.

The Seg-Flow PS is compatible with the FISP probe and standard dip tube to take cell free or cell containing samples. The minimal sample volume is 0.25mL.

The PS can move samples up to 50 ft. Process analyses are no longer limited by walls. Automatically send samples to a central analytical location or an analyzer outside of the production suite. This provides convenience and reduces sample handling.

The Seg-Flow PS is a closed system with a fully disposable fluid path for maximum sterility and minimal cross contamination.

The Seg-Flow PS can be connected to an S-Series Director to act as an autosampler and perform auto dilutions. Combining the PS system with the Director automates the analysis of samples by sending samples to up to 4 analytical devices.

Product Specifications

Sample Volume

0.25 mL to 50 mL

Number of Samples

One (1) per PS, up to 24 PS in parallel

Compatible Sampling Interfaces

FISP probe, Dip-tubes, Reactor Sample Port, Weldable Line


12.64" T (with stand: 22.87" min – 28.53" max) X 6.68" D X 4.24" W


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