Sample Cooling Down to -10°C

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Flownamics introduces our new Peltier+® Cooling System. This system is a peltier cooling device that keeps racks of samples at a specified temperature. The system is compact and fully contained in one unit.

The Peltier+ offers two independent cooling zones allowing samples to be stored at two different temperatures. This unit does not require any assembly or training to operate. Just power it on and set your desired temperatures. Two digital controllers on the front of the unit adjust the two cooling plates. The current temperature range is -10° to 20° Celsius. A front display gives you the temperature reading of the coolant that is pumped through the system.

The Peltier+ can handle several different rack and vial sizes ranging from 2ml HPLC vials to 50ml conical tubes. Custom racks and vial sizes are also available. Microtiter plates are also an option, two plates can be installed on each cooling plate.

The Peltier+ is a great solution for your cooling needs. Contact Flownamics for more information on this new product as well as for other custom peltier solutions or OEM needs.

Product Specifications


13.25” W x 20.375” D x 5.5” H (33.7 cm W x 51.7 cm D x 14 cm H)


15 lbs (6.8 KG)

Temperature Range

-10° to 20° C

2 Temperature Zones

2 Temperature Zones

Holds 2 racks

Holds 2 racks

Rack Sizes

Microtiter Plate Rack (Holds 2 plates)
60 – 2ml HPLC vials Rack
60 – 5ml vials Rack
30 – 15 ml conical tubes Rack
10 – 50 ml conical tubes Rack
Custom Racks

OPC Communication

Option Coming Soon

Features & Benefits

  • Plug & Play
    All you need to do is set the desired temperatures
  • Two Independent Temperature Zones
    Keep samples at two different temps
  • Easy To Operate
    No user training required
    Minimal maintenance
  • Take Samples Down to -10°C
    Ensuring sample quality
  • Compact
    Fully contained in one unit
  • Condensation management
    Reduces moisture collection on work surface
  • Safety Functionality
    System will automatically shut off if coolant issues arise
    Reduces the risk of injury in case of