FlowWeb OPC Controller

Whether networking a single bioreactor system, an entire PD lab, or multiple labs/suites, the FlowWeb™ OPC Controller provides a simple solution for improving bioprocess technology and control by expanding PAT options and enhancing existing DCS/SCADA system functionality.

The FlowWeb™ OPC Controller provides innovative data management and a comprehensive, integrated PAT strategy for effective bioprocess management. The controller works with any OPC-enabled process management system. It seamlessly acquires and integrates data from multiple on-line, at-line, and off-line analytical instruments and exports to any OPC-enabled DCS/SCADA system or data historian. OPC communication is web-based and can be established across any network. No additional servers are required. Some external devices can be remotely controlled.


FlowWeb™ OPC Server Product Description

FlowWeb™ OPC Controller requires FlowWeb™ OPC Server Software, a software application that responds to requests and provides data to one or more OPC clients. This connects to the hardware and sends commands to or receives data from the hardware. OPC-enabled systems are implemented in server/client pairs, with one application acting as an OPC client and another as an OPC server. When in an OPC-enabled system, where neither application is an OPC client and both are OPC servers, a thin client (bridge) OPC client is used to connect both OPC servers. The “thin client” requests data from one server and immediately sends it to the other OPC server.

Product Specifications

Windows PC Hardware Required

Ethernet connectivity
512 MB RAM
10 MB of available hard disk space
Mouse pointing device